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Sharpen up those darts and chalk up your cues! F.G.Bradley's is offering a super fun way to save up to 25% off on billiard cues and all your dart supplies.

All you have to do is shoot for your savings. Our popular annual Sharp Shooter Discount Event is back! Take a good stretch and warm up your arm because what you save is all up to you!

Take your shot to save up to 25% OFF!

Save On Darts!

Your discount on darts is easy! Take an F.G.Bradley's dart and give it a toss in our dart alley.

Whatever number you hit, that's the discount you get (doubles and triples count as singles).

Hit the bull's-eye and get 25% off! Don't worry if you're just a beginner...if you miss, we'll give you 5% off just for being a good sport!

Save On Cues!

We set up the 5, 10 and 15 balls on one of our in store pool tables where you take two shots. Depending on what you sink, that will be the percentage you get off of your new Dufferin, Universal, Riley, BCE or Nemesis billiard cue.

Sink two balls and combine your discount for up to 25% off! But don't worry if you miss, you still get 5% just for participating.

This promotion is only available at F.G.Bradley's store locations Monday, August 17th through Wednesday, September 30th, 2020. So hurry in and visit us for some discount fun!

It's easy...shoot and save!

*This in an in-store ONLY event. See a sales associate for complete details.