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Darts is not just for the pub anymore. Some players have been getting more and more creative when it comes to having a match among friends and are using sites like the Webcam Darts Association for a place to shoot against friends without leaving their homes. Others, not wanting to set up webcams, are simply pointing their phones toward their boards and having FaceTime matches using the internet.

That means that players still have to set up their home spaces and get their boards ready. F.G. Bradley’s has everything you need to prep your space including excellent and easy-to-install lighting options so your scores can be seen via web cam, new tournament quality dart boards, mats, surrounds, scoreboards and toe lines. We can ship these to you, or set up a contactless pickup at select locations.


Family Dart Package

A complete package that will be right on target with your family, you get our F.G.Bradley’s bristle dart board and we’ll team it up with two sets of Firestorm brass darts and Black Knight dart cabinet. Item #'s 510071, 500006, 2 x Firestorm Darts. The perfect dart set for most game rooms or the dorm. Cabinet - This elegant cabinet is finished beautifully to match any decor. Double doors with simple routed boarder design are hung on heavy duty spring loaded hinges. The cabinet features scoreboards on the inside of both doors.


F.G. Bradley's Classic Bristle Dart Board

The F.G.Bradley's dartboard is made to official tournament specifications to the highest level of quality. The board features high tensile strength steel wires, “easy turn” steel number ring and a staple-free no-bounce bullseye. Manufactured with high-grade sisal the board has a natural healing ability that will give it many years of life. Comes complete with mounting hardware and instructions. Measures 18'' in Diameter x 1.5''Thick.


Jett Dart Carpet Mat

The Jett Dart Carpet is a versatile dart mat that is the perfect addition to any dart board area. The high quality, heavy duty mat offers throw lines for both steel and soft tip play. The carpet also features a rubber back to keep it in place. The easy roll out design can be setup in seconds and easily stored. Bull, triple and double sight line markers make it easier for you to target the lines you need to hit. Dimensions: 65 cm x 300cm (25 1/2'' x 118'').


Shot 4 Piece Dartboard Surround

Shot Dartboard Surround divides into four pieces that easily fit together. Protects walls from accidental damage. This injection molded high density foam protection ring easily fits around a standard bristle dartboard, no fixings required! Fits a standard full size dartboard. Dartboard sold separately.


F.G. Bradley's Dart Chalkboard

This full size dart chalkboard is ready for marking 01 Games, Cricket, Tactics and more. Handy shelf at the bottom of the board holds chalk. Mount on the wall beside your board at home, in the bar or legion and start marking your dart games. Dimensions: 41cm x 61cm x 3cm.

Pair with:
White Chalkboard Chalk (12 pack)
Chalkboard Eraser


F.G. Bradley's 80% Velocity Dart Set

Take aim with these quality darts, selected exclusively for F.G.Bradley’s. These darts feature the very latest in aerodynamic design and technologically advanced materials machined with the most sophisticated lathing machinery. These 80% tungsten darts feature precision cut barrels that are extremely well balanced and have distinctive grip designs that will give positive traction for increased accuracy.


F.G. Bradley's Brass Blackout Dart Set

Quality black coated darts, selected exclusively for F.G.Bradley’s. A great set of darts for the player starting out who wants a sporty look. Great barrel designs with a good combination of balance and grip profile. Machined to close tolerances these darts are finished with a special black coating for a great look and feel.

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