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The Italian inspired design of the Venus is available in in all 14 of our standard birch finishes but can also be crafted in the Evolution iTech high gloss finishes.The Evolution iTech finish offers a choice of polyurethane varnish colours that are polished and have been manufactured with high quality resins to provide excellent gloss, hardness and resistance to mechanical and atmospheric factors. Unlimited choices of colors are available. This unique table shifts in moments from a slate billiard table to an elegant dining table with the addition of an optional dining top. No one will guess your sleek looking solid wood dining table doubles as the center of entertainment in your home. Perfect for small spaces or the company board room in 3 ½’ x 7’, 4’ x 8’ and 4 ½’ x 9’ sizes.




Table Specifications:

Sizes Available Playing Surface Legs Type Slate Approximate Weight lbs
3 ½’ x 7’ 38” x 76” 4 Pool or Snooker 1" Framed 728
4' x 8' 44" x 88" 4 Pool or Snooker 1" Framed 896
4 1/2' x 9' 50" x 100" 6 Pool or Snooker 1" Framed 1112

Dining Top Specifications:

Sizes Available Number of Pieces Outside Dimensions of Table Approximate Weight lbs
3 ½’ x 7’ 4 51 3/4" x 89 3/4" 126
4' x 8' 5 57 3/4" x 101 3/4" 176
4 1/2' x 9' 5 63 3/4" x 112 1/2" 218


Available Finishes: 14 Standard Birch Stains or Optional high gloss iTech finishes (Unlimited Colour Choices)
Wood Type: Solid White Birch
Leg Styles: Turned with Stainless Steel Ring
Options: End Drawer, Dining Top, or iTech Dining Top
Warranty: Canada Billiard's Life Time Warranty
Installation: Local delivery and installation by Certified Billiard Mechanics
(ask about delivery in areas outside the GTA)
Equipment Package: F.G. Bradley's Deluxe Starter Package



How It's Built

1. Base Frame: The base frame is constructed of 1 ¾” thick, solid white birch.

 2. Steel Cross Beams: Two full length steel beams run the entire length of the table and ensures optimum support of the playing surface.

 3. Slate: Premium 1" thick slate from the best quarries. The framed slate extends underneath the rails for consistent play. The slate is precision-machined level to within 10/1000 of an inch.

 4. Cloth: Choice of more than 26 different colours of high-quality wool and nylon blend cloth.

 5. Solid Hardwood Rails: Solid white birch rails and aprons are bolted to the slate so they will always provide lively bounce for every shot! This unique rail anchoring system uses steel plates embedded precisely in the solid hardwood to keep rails secure and true. This method allows for optimal performance of the natural gum rubber cushion and provides a truer rebound.

 6. Cushions: Professional Master Speed rubber cushions provide true rebound and maximum accuracy.

 7. Sights: Inlaid diamond shaped pearl sights have a maximum tolerance of 10/1000 of an inch for a consistent play.

 8. Pockets: Matching leather pockets. The openings conform to BCA standards.

 9. Legs: Modern white birch legs for support the table with simple elegance. Legs are available in 30” or 32” height. Should the table be utilized primarily as a dining table, we suggest a 30” leg.

 10. Exclusive Leg Levelers: Canada Billiard tables incorporate steel levelers inserted into the leg with a tapped bushing to allow leveling on almost any surface. This provides you with a clean looking and more stable table.

 11. iTech Finish: Numerous coats of carefully applied finishes ensure a peerless quality and durable finish. Choice of polyurethane varnish colours that are polished and have been manufactured with high quality resins to provide excellent gloss, hardness and resistance to mechanical and atmospheric factors.  Unlimited choice of stains are available.


12. Table top: Solid white birch table top with iTech finish. Transforms your billiard table into a dining table. Sold separately.

All specifications subject to change without notice.