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709381-Dude Card Game
Item No. 709381

Dude Card Game

dude is a game where you say ''dude''. The word ''dude'' appears on each card in one of six different ways, with 12 dooode cards, 12 dewd cards, 12 dude. cards, 12 dude? cards, 12 tiny dude cards, and 12 tie-dyed dude cards. The goal is to quickly find matches for as many of your cards as you can. To play, you say the word ''dude'' as you think it should be said, based on how it appears on your card. At the same time, listen to how the other players are saying the word ''dude''. Trying to figure out whether you have the same card as another player is the essence of dude. *Available for Pre-Order*

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