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720190-Bang!: The Bullet Card Game Plus Expansions
Item No. 720190

Bang!: The Bullet Card Game Plus Expansions

The game Bang! is an extremely popular party game; and with the Bullet Special Edition, it's now even better. The game comes packaged in a metal bullet-shaped container which is easy to store as well as longer lasting than standard cardboard boxes. Beyond the base game, it additionally includes the Bang! expansions Dodge City and High Noon. Also included in this deluxe edition are three new characters from other expansions: Uncle Will, Claus the Saint, and Johnny Kisch. Bump up your Bang! game night with this unique special edition. Inside, you will find: •BANG!™ - The basic game •High Noon™ - The first expansion, •Dodge City™ - The second expansion, •A Fistful of Cards™ - The third expansion, The Bullet! also includes two new cards for High Noon™ and three special new characters. Two blank cards for your own creations, and a special gift, a shiny new Sheriff's badge are included in the big shiny bullet as well!

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