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Crokinole and Carrom



701342-Surco Champion Speedo Pro Carrom Board
Item No. 701342

Surco Champion Speedo Pro Carrom Board

Surco Champion Speedo Pro Carrom board – Carrom bears similarities to Pool and Crokinole, but is a fascinating game in its own right with varied strategies and techniques. Try your hand or finger as they say, at playing this fun game that has been around for centuries. Our top of the line Champion Speedo Pro carrom board is specifically designed for the seasoned carrom expert. The board measures 37” x 37” with a playing surface of 29” x 29” and a frame of 3” wide and 2” thick. The high quality Original English Birch Plywood is 16mm thick. Each of our Champion boards come complete with everything you need to play – a set of French Connection Carrommen, Tournament striker and 100 gram bottle of Boric Powder. These boards are widely appreciated for its quality and durability. This board has been Approved by International Carrom Federation. The game of Carrom is most easily described as ''finger pool''. Players flick a large weighted disc (the striker) at smaller wooden discs (the carrom-men). The goal is to sink your 9 carrom-men (black or white), as well as the red Queen, in the four corner pockets. The first player or team to accomplish this collects points for the round (commonly called a ''board''). A standard game of Carrom continues until one player has 25 points or 8 boards have been completed.

Price: $329.99 CDN

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