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710110-3 Player Chess Set
Item No. 710110

3 Player Chess Set

Have you ever been that third guy at the house who can't play chess? Feel bad about your 3rd buddy sitting and waiting for ''next game''? Well you don't have to feel like the 3rd man out anymore with this 3 person chess set. Played with the same rules as standard two player chess but adjusted to take account of the hexagonal board, this is an interesting version of Chess that enables an extra player to play. The 3 player chess boards are made from a stained hardwood as are the pieces. They are folding and hinged with storage trays inside so that, when closed, they form a storage container for the pieces. There are two metal catches to keep the box closed. The standard 3 player chess set has a a 6cm (2 1/4 inch) high King. The standard version measures 40.5cm from point to point across the board. Pieces are Red, White and the dark colour to match the board. Rules are included. 3 players, ages 7 and up.

Price: $79.99 CDN

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