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700022-Kings Cribbage Board Game
Item No. 700022

Kings Cribbage Board Game

Cribbage players of all ages, from beginner to the tournament pro will enjoy and be challenged by this entertaining game. With Polished maple tiles, rotating game board, and solid wood tile holders. Game play for Kings Cribbage is much like Scrabble. Players first draw a letter from a bag to see who draws (and goes) first. Unlike Scrabble, however, players only draw 5 tiles rather than 7. The first player tries to find the best Cribbage hand within his 5 tiles and then places them in a line (in any order) anywhere on the board. The first play must be between 2 and 5 tiles, but all subsequent plays can be anwhere from 1 to 5 tiles. Points are tallied based on the rules of Cribbage. He then restocks his tiles and the play continues to the next person. The next player must then find his best hand (using his tiles and the tiles already on the board) and places it next to the tiles on the board. The game continues until one player has used up all his/her tiles.

Price: $32.99 CDN

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