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Dart Sets - Soft Tip



525695-Shot Viking Drakkar Soft Tip Darts
Item No. 525695

Shot Viking Drakkar Soft Tip Darts

Between 700 and 1100 AD, Viking raiders from Scandinavia ruled the seas, fought like warriors, and made vanquished peoples shake in their boots and soil their leather breeches. The Vikings range by Shot Darts lets you relive their epic saga. Every match is an adventure – demanding skill and strength. This back weighted dart, forged in 90% tungsten is your warship. At the bow, a stealthy tapered nose for excellent grouping and balance, with the bronze-age might of the ‘Siege’ interlocking 4/5 grip in the hold, followed by the rear axial cut shark fin at its stern. Drakkar is a precision milled compact barrel for those who demand a rear balance dart. To last the journey, it’s treated with a unique, super-durable hi-tech particle coating, and finished in the deep blue of open waters. Take the helm and sail to glory. Available in two weights - 18 gram (525695) and 20 gram (525696).

Price: $139.99 CDN


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