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383144-X-15 Experimental Rocket Aircraft Model Kit
Item No. 383144

X-15 Experimental Rocket Aircraft Model Kit

This X-15 provides a nice blend of detail and simplicity for a truly historic aircraft model kit. The X-15 is molded in gray, sports raised panel lines, and consists of 36 parts, including a two-piece display stand and four parts for the large auxiliary fuel tanks. There is molded detail on the instrument panel as well as the cockpit tub. The landing gear that can be omitted if the display stand is used. There are parts affixed to the tail for pumps that bleed off either ammonia or hydrogen from the engine. In general, this kit has the look of a ''weekend kit'' given its relatively few parts and straightforward assembly instructions. Interestingly, this version of the X-15 has a windshield on only one side of the canopy frame. Parts are provided for the scramjet mounted beneath the lower fin for that record-breaking flight.

Price: $34.99 CDN