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330053-Forchino - The Fireball
Item No. 330053

Forchino - The Fireball

The splendid fire red car, majestic, impeccable, always clean and brilliant, was there, making everyone envious. Juan Manuel looked at it calmly. He placed a hand on the hood caressing it slowly as if it were a beautiful young woman. He seated himself behind the wheel, started the motor and a purr surged from deep inside the car. He accelerated again and again making it roar until arriving to his ears came a sublime music, a soft harmony, something heavenly, a symphony of connecting rods and pistons. He shut his eyes to better appreciate the harmony when suddenly, he heard a ''cough! cough! cough!...'' Horrified, he saw thick black smoke come from under the hood. It was at this precise moment, that he remembered that he forgot to put back the plug of the oil pan. While supplies last.

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ON SALE: $349.99 CDN

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