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260793-Heritage HWAC-3 BCE 9.5mm 57'' Snooker Cue with WAC
Item No. 260793

Heritage HWAC-3 BCE 9.5mm 57'' Snooker Cue with WAC

This snooker cue features a spiral brass joint system, genuine veneer inlay, a stained ash front splice, and matching grain on both pieces. This cue also features the WAC weight adjustable cue system. Simply remove each ring to make the cue lighter by half an ounce at a time. These cues are manufactured using exquisite exotic woods including ebony, cocobolo, birdseye maple, lace wood, thuya burr and the finest snakewoods available. These woods are used specifically to enhance the appearance of the this range while each shaft is made from Grade A North American ash, kiln dried to ensure the shaft performs to the highest possible standard. Once manufactured, all shafts are treated with a unique resin that penetrates the wood and replaces any moisture. This process is available to only a few manufacturers in the world and it has been found to improve the cues' overall stability. Heritage cues also feature a polished brass-to-brass rapid release joint. Heritage cues come with the finest 9.5mm snooker tip in the world as standard. Blue Diamond are a cut above the rest, providing the player with outstanding control and accuracy with every shot; not our words, but those of our in-house professionals.

Price: $189.99 CDN

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