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260796-Heritage HWAC-1 57'' 9.5mm with WAC
Item No. 260796

Heritage HWAC-1 57'' 9.5mm with WAC

The BCE Heritage HWAC-1 is a 2 Piece Ash Snooker Cue with 9.5mm tip. Comes complete with Warp Resistant Shield Spiral Brass Joint System - Precision machined brass cue joint, WAC System Technology, Genuine Veneer Inlay, Stained Ash Front Splice and Matching Grain. The Mid-Range of the BCE Stable. Fitted with the distinctive Heritage badge. Including high grade ash shafts which are either superior in grade or matching grain. This attractive range also includes the patented Weight Adjustable Cue system. Customize your cue using WAC Technology. Wac allows you to adjust the weight of your cue to suit your individual playing needs. All WAC cues have 3 weight rings integrated into the butt section of the cue. Each weight ring weight 1/2 oz (14 grams) and can be removed or added to create the desired weight for the individual player. With weight and balance being the variable factors, WAC technology has been carefully engineered to bring the centre of gravity forward to its optimum position. The balance and centre of gravity are key features in the manufacture of professional quality cues.

Price: $179.99 CDN

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