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263712-BCE Heritage Mark Selby - HER 200
Item No. 263712

BCE Heritage Mark Selby - HER 200

The mid-range of the BCE stable, the BCE Her 200 is fitted with the distinctive Heritage badge and features high grade ash shaft superior in grade. Endorsed by Mark Selby himself. BCE Heritage Mark Selby - 2 Features: Length: 57' (145cm), Configuration: 1/2 Cut Cue Tip: 9.5mm Tip, Ferrule: 8mm Brass with a 9.5mm Diameter, Shaft Wood: Ash Shaft With Matching Grain, Joint: Standard Spiral Brass Joint, Butt Design: Stained Birds Eye Maple Front Splice Genuine Wood Veneer, Bumper: Rubber Bumper. Available in Medium (263712) or Heavy (263713).

Price: $182.24 CDN


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