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260709-BCE Cream   Purple 2 Piece Ash Snooker Pool Cue BSP-2
Item No. 260709

BCE Cream Purple 2 Piece Ash Snooker Pool Cue BSP-2

This new cue has been manufactured to the highest BCE standards and offers a stylish purple and cream design. The spiral brass centre jointed cue - suitable for both snooker and pool - fits all standard 2 piece cases. The cue features a 9.5mm leather stick on tip with a brass ferrule, rubber butt end, cue protector and the BCE logo badge on the butt of the cue. The cue is available in a medium weight 16 to 17.5 oz (260709) or heavy weight 18 to 19oz (260710).

Price: $89.99 CDN


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