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330080-Gyro Duo Magnetic Spheres by Nano Magnetics
Item No. 330080
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Gyro Duo Magnetic Spheres by Nano Magnetics

Magnetism is awesome. It’s a force that seems to blatantly defy common logic. Laden with invisible magnetic fields, magnets can attract or repel each other depending on how they are oriented. Amazingly, the properties of magnetism remain unchanged even at an atomic level. At that scale, magnets seem to take on minds of their own, influenced entirely by the combined fields of nearby ferrous objects. The Nanodots GYRO from Nano Magnetics aims to model the interaction of tiny self-aligning magnets at a human scale. It accomplishes this with an internal mechanism that moves independently of outside physical influences. A transparent encasement lets you see inside as the Neodymium magnets react, pivot and self-orient. Nanodots GYROs can be used as a compass, spherical gears, magnetically entangled orbs, friction-less magnetic wheels... along with many other things you will come to discover. Complete with 2 Gyros and wood stand.

Price: $39.99 CDN

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