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210002-Dufferin Premium 2 1/4'' Snooker Set
Item No. 210002

Dufferin Premium 2 1/4'' Snooker Set

Dufferin Platinum 2 1/4'' Snooker Set - Dufferin combines precision and affordability in its Premium Professional edition snooker balls. Complete with red scoring balls, yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black colored balls. Premium balls measure the standard 2-1/4'' in diameter and are regulation weight. They have a lifetime warranty against cracking or chipping that effects the roll of the ball and feature a special coating to resist fading. Not guaranteed for commercial use. The set comes complete with the 15 standard balls and a cue ball. Box dimensions - 26cm x 20cm x 10.2cm.

Price: $119.99 CDN

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