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710021-Solitaire Chess Puzzler
Item No. 710021

Solitaire Chess Puzzler

A sequential logic puzzle based on the rules of Chess. Players choose a challenge card and set up the chess pieces as indicated. Then move the pieces one by one to capture the other pieces. When only one piece remains on the board, YOU WIN! While this is not chess proper, playing Solitaire Chess will teach you the basic rules of how to play chess, and will deepen your strategic understanding of chess. 60 Challenges, with Beginner to Expert levels, make this a great game for chess players at all levels or those who have never played chess. Solitaire Chess takes the best part of the game...eliminating your opponents pieces and makes it the goal of this fun and fast-paced logic puzzle. Your problem-solving and sequential logic skills are put to the test as you plan your strategy to eliminate all of the pieces from the game board except one, using only traditional chess moves. Includes 60 beginner- to expert-level challenges, 10 chess pieces, and a storage bag.

Price: $32.99 CDN

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