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760929-Metal Lattice Maze
Item No. 760929

Metal Lattice Maze

This is an 8 piece board burr interlocking puzzle and the goal is to assemble the 8 pieces into the shape as shown. The original L(8)tice or Leighttice had a single level 5.1.2 solution. This newer version is more difficult than its predecessor. L(8)tice-2 has an additional harder second solution; once assembled, the first and (slightly easier) solution requires a minimum of 5 moves to remove the first piece and the second (harder) solution requires 6 moves. Total number of moves to fully put together or take apart is 12 and 13 respectively. But don’t let the relatively few number of moves fool you-the puzzle is quite a handful in the hands.

Price: $24.99 CDN

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