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Kanoodle - If you've ever spent a few hours in front of your computer screen playing Tetris, this game is for you. Kanoodle is a fun 3D challenge that will put your puzzle-power to the test…. It's rated for ages 7+ and is a fun way to pass the time and flex the brain muscles for young or old. Kanoodle’s pieces are made of spheres attached in specific shape configurations. It comes with cards containing the directives to build specific shapes, assembling the pieces to achieve your architectural masterpieces with increasing difficulties as you progress. It’s small (3×6 inches-ish) and could conveniently follow you anywhere – bus rides, road trips, you name it – to keep you occupied with your brain engaged. It's great for promoting children's spatial reasoning skills and developing their self-confidence with problem solving. For adults, these puzzles help maintain lifetime cognitive function. Exercising the brain is great for all ages. More than 100 puzzles are included.

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