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760223-Deluxe 3D Crystal Puzzles - Cinderella Carriage
Item No. 760223

Deluxe 3D Crystal Puzzles - Cinderella Carriage

Taken straight from the artwork of Disney's classic, 1950 animated Cinderella, we present Cinderella's Carriage. Summoned into existence from a pumpkin by a loving fairy godmother, this Carriage whisks Cinderella to the ball, but only exists until the clock strikes twelve! Deluxe Crystal Puzzles are our largest, most challenging Crystal Puzzle designs. This 3D puzzle has a difficulty level of 3. Approximate assembled size = 7'' x 5-1/2'' x 3-1/2''. Disney logo and Cinderella designs are used by permission.

Price: $29.99 CDN

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