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774581-Metal Earth Apollo CSM with LM 3D Metal Model Kit
Item No. 774581

Metal Earth Apollo CSM with LM 3D Metal Model Kit

The Apollo 11 moon landing required two spacecraft- The lunar module (LM) and command service module (CSM). Once in lunar orbit, the two would separate so the LM could land while the CSM waited in orbit. After launching from the lunar surface, the LM’s ascent stage would rendezvous and dock with the waiting CSM, then the astronauts would transfer back into the main spacecraft and head home. It sounds nearly impossible but that’s the way it was July 20, 1969. This model includes a golden plaque to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11. Number of sheets:3.5 Sheets. Difficulty: Challenging. Assembled Size: 5.07''L x 2.28''W x 3.45''H.

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