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520645-Shot Totem Series 1 Steel Tip Darts
Item No. 520645

Shot Totem Series 1 Steel Tip Darts

You don’t need luck when you’re carrying a Totem. With precision artwork inspired by Aztec tribal designs – Totem is the dart you need to carve your own path. Bring the strength, speed and skill of your spirit animal to every game – to beat your rivals and become the stuff of legend among your tribe. Like tribal tattoos, the flights in this range call on the power and imagery of people, animals and legends. For solid forward thrust and pinpoint accuracy, with a seamless look and feel – the dart barrel and paired shaft are both crafted with Shot Darts pyramid grip™ technology. If you’re looking to take your game to a higher level, Totem is the dart to get the job done. Barrel Design: Classic tapered shape for good balance with axial cuts for maximum grip. Available in 23 grams (520645) 25 grams (520646) and 27 grams (520647).

Price: $89.99 CDN


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