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Cue Maintenance



Item No. 200168


The Q-Wiz is a space-age “Micro-Pro” Cushioned Disc that will quickly smooth and polish your pool cue shafts in fewer steps than any other method. They simply outperform all the other cues shaft care products available today, including Mylar sanding film, sandpaper, steel wool, nylon abrasive pads and chemicals. What is a “Micro-Pro” Cushioned Disc? A Micro-Pro Cushioned Disc is a layer of micro crystals suspended in special latex. The crystals therefore float. This allows the crystals to roll and recede. The result is an ultra uniform finish. Micro-Pro Cushioned Discs have an extremely long life since the crystals are not subjected to overheating and breaking off like they do with hard resin products. These facts account for why they Q-Wiz lasts up to 10 times longer and will produce a finish of up to 20 times more uniform with less effort than any other product made. This makes the Q-Wiz the most cost-effective shaft conditioning method available anywhere, period! Directions: The Q-Wiz is double sided. To clean and polish a cue shaft, simply rub the Q-Wiz up and down the shaft using long light strokes. Use the (fine) unmarked side to smooth the shaft and the (superfine) logo side to polish it. Always wipe down cue shafts after use to remove body oils and chalk dust before putting them away. You can use the Q-Wiz as often as you like to maintain the super new finish without any fear of damaging the shaft or reducing its diameter. Reusable! When the Q-Wiz becomes soiled you can rinse it off with warm water and a soft brush. With a little care it will last for years.

Price: $9.99 CDN