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540162-Fit Flight Air Rocket - David Cameron Signature Flights
Item No. 540162

Fit Flight Air Rocket - David Cameron Signature Flights

David Cameron is a Canadian darts player currently playing in British Darts Organisation events. With help form Cosmo Darts, David has designed a signature flight that incorporates all the benefits of an air flight and the Rocket flight to create his own signature flights. Fit Flights are molded to achieve precise aerodynamic trajectory. This solid one piece design gives you the perfect right angle in your flight. No 'squaring up' flights in between throws. And the strengthened nylon shaft gives a more stable base than found in other spinning flight/shaft systems. No wobbles or bent wires. And Cosmo manufactures their spinning shafts with 100% strengthened plastic resin to enhance durability and increases resistance to bending, breaking, and curving. Fit Flight AIR is about 35 percent thinner than the present Fit Flight, and it also made possible weight reduction by about 33 percent!

Price: $11.99 CDN

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