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750090-Super Tock 4 Player Travel Version
Item No. 750090

Super Tock 4 Player Travel Version

Super Tock 4 Player Travel Version - This is a travel size version of our popular 4 player Tock game. Made in Canada. Players take turns playing cards, with the value of the card determining how far they may move a pawn. Certain cards have special possibilities (a King or an Ace may be played to get a new pawn into play, while a four moves you back instead of foward). A few spaces on the board have special properties as well, requiring certain cards to be played to enter or leave them. If more than two players a playing, they play in teams, devils vs. angels. When you have brought all your own pawns to your safety zone, you must move your partner's pawns (without conferring with each other). Needs deck of cards to play (not included). Contents: 1 wooden Super Tock game board, 16 pegs of four different colors and game rules. Dimensions: 26cm x 4cm x 26cm.

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