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700408-Deluxe Rummy O Game - Tin Box
Item No. 700408

Deluxe Rummy O Game - Tin Box

This is the American version of a popular Middle East tile game that combines elements from Rummy, Dominoes, Mah-jongg and Chess. Rummy-O is the fast paced Rummy tile game the whole family can enjoy. It is an enduring classic that is easy to learn yet challenging to win. We hope this collectors edition will give your family hours of enjoyment.Contains engraved tiles and 4 three-tiered playing racks. Have fun teaching the kids to strategize with this Cardinal Deluxe Rummy-O set that replaces cards with tiles for easy game play. It's suitable for group play among children six years old and up. The Deluxe Rummy-O set includes four tile racks, 106 tiles and game instruction. Rules are easy to learn so friends and family can quickly begin enjoying the game. Includes: 4 tile racks, 106 tiles and instructions. 2-4 Players Dimensions 27 cm x 27 cm x 7 cm.

Price: $24.99 CDN

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