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700402-Jabuka Word Game
Item No. 700402
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Jabuka Word Game

Spill the beans with JABUKA, it’s totally twisted fun! Get off your devices and digitally detox with this unique, twistable alphabet word game. Join the race to make and take words in ways you’ve never seen! This tactile, light and portable game, with no board, features a natural mini burlap sack, 100% recycled wood – coffee bean shaped pieces with letters that magically morph into other letters with a simple twist. Jabuka is a fast-paced, surprise-filled, total brain workout.Simultaneous gameplay forces you to think out of the box to keep the words brewing. Unanimous and suspenseful flips of face down beans give everyone a chance to win until the last beans are flipped and the player who uses the most beans WINS!

Price: $24.99 CDN

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