b'family fun guide |Game Tables family fun guide |Cues, Snooker Cues & AccessoriesDufferin Ignite Series Dufferin HPL Premium CueA great beginner level cue with style. Ignite your gameThis series of beautifully detailed 2-piece pool cues with this wrapless Canadian Maple cue with four colourfulfrom Dufferin match the cues in their Premium points. Dufferin uses a unique lacquer that resistsaccessory kit so you can add extra cues. Each cue scratching. Only $99.99 is made from select Canadian Hard Rock White Maple and features a double pressed nylon grip. Only $119.99Tip Prik ToolThis handy tool allows you to perforate the leather tip enabling it to hold more chalk. Better chalk retention prevents miscues. 200262 $24.99Dufferin Comfort Billiard GlovePerfect for left or right-handed billiard players, men or women, amateurs or professionals, crafted with soft durable Lycra material for a custom molded fit. This durable material gives a fiction free bridge for smooth cue shaft movement and is breathable for maximum comfort. Available in XS, S, M, L, and XL. $14.99Dufferin Marble SeriesPerfect for the beginner; sharp-looking fashioned with Hard Rock Maple and the Marble Dream Finish. The Marble Cue Series comes in three bright colorsand uses the Dufferin Adjustable Weight Bolt System for player customization. From $64.99DufferinMaverick SeriesThese cues are a perfect accessory for any amateur or intermediate player. Each Maverick series cue is madeAccu-Rackfrom premium selected Canadian hardTriangle maple and features Cocobolo, Angico orFor 8, 9, and 10 ball. blue stained wood bordered by intricately200097 $29.99patterned rings. Only $139.99Kamui Roku Chalk Dufferin Matrix 300 Series Technologically advanced pool cueConstructed from solid Canadian Maple and chalk Roku offers all the ball grippingfeaturing a double pressed nylon wrap grip, the benefits of its predecessors withoutMatrix cues have a unique metallic diamond the mess on the cue ball or on thematrix design. Only $119.99cloth. 200150 $36.99'