b"family fun guide |Table TennisTABLE TENNIS CARESwiftflyte Play ItAnywhere SetPing Pong rackets lose their ability to putExpandable/retractable net spin on the ball as dirt and oils build upsystem attaches to virtually on the rubber surface. Clean your racketTiny Pong Soloany table. Includes, 2 full regularly for ultimate performance. KeepTable Tennis size paddles, 3 balls, andyour rackets and your table at its primeThis game brings excitinga mesh carry bag.with our wide selection of racket andbouncing action into the820051 $29.99table care essentials. palm of your hand! Launch 830051 Joola Paddle Wipes $14.99 the ball off the court and 830021 Table Cleaner $25.99bounce it repeatedly on 830100 Spin Refresh $ 15.99 the court to rack up points. 700585 $29.99Kettler Indoor 4 Kettler's brand new Indoor 4 table tennis table is a superior table for you and your family. The patented Safety-Fold mechanism makes it so that the table cannot be opened by younger ones and offers a compact space saving design. Four double off-road style guided wheels, 2 with safety brakes, make this table stable and easy to transport.840024 $999.99Until Jan. 15 th$849.99Kettler Stockholm GTJoola SpiritSturdy construction and unique safety2 Player features make this the best-selling table.SetOval steel-tube legs,surface thickness, Glow in the Dark and double caster wheels with foot lock areThe set comes with two Joola just a few of the endless features on thisSpirit rackets with two white Ping Pong Balls table.840011 Blue $789.99 Until Jan.and one orange 40-millimeter, Thats right play in the dark! 15th $669.99 1-star, JOOLA balls.800029 6-Pack $12.99 800136 $39.99"