b'family fun guide |Puzzles, Puzzlers & MoreCast Iron PuzzlersMetal disentanglement puzzlers made by Japanese company Hanayama. The first puzzles were released in 1983, and since then, more than fifty different designs have been produced, with new ones added every year. These great puzzles 3D Crystal Jigsaw Puzzles become a collectible item forThese 3-dimensional, uniquely-shapedmany puzzlers.translucent puzzlers will challenge anyone.From $7.99There is something for everyone with our large selection. From $17.99Constantin Wooden PuzzlersJean Claude Constantin is unquestionably one of the most prolific puzzle inventors of the past 30 years.His unique and diverse puzzle creations are renowned for their beautiful designs and challengingsolutions. $29.99Marble Circuit Puzzle Game760971 Flower Maze - Level 8 Its the multi-directional marble maze with 64 760970 Double Trouble- Level 8 puzzling challenges! Choose a card to see your puzzle and place the multi-directional tiles on the board. Release the steel marbles to see if you land on your targets.760077 $34.99Invasion of the Cow Metal Puzzlers SnatchersStump even the most talented puzzle masterTake control of your very own UFO with heavy-quality cast anodized aluminumto solve magnetic challenges! puzzlers that will look great on a desk orManeuver your way over and bookshelf. around farm obstacles while 760929 Metal Lattice - Level 10 $24.99 beaming up cows. Beam Moo 760937 Metal Victory - Level 7 $19.99 up, Scotty.760626 $34.99Colour Catch PuzzlerHelp the animals catch their insect dinner! Place the puzzle pieces on the game board so that the frogs and salamanders match the colours shown in the challenges. But watch out!.760594 $24.99Puzzle Books Wooden Secret Box PuzzlersGet your brain into high gear.This series of wooden puzzle boxes are inspired Test your intellect with our vastby ancient Chinese secret boxes and are a fun selection of challenging puzzleway to hide a surprise. Use for gift cards, money books and find out just howor jewelry for safekeeping. Can you solve the smart you are. secret puzzle?From $7.95 From $16.99'