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So you've finally chosen your table tennis table, you've researched all the top table tennis bats and picked the right bat just for you, you've found your swing, but you still can't seem to get over that hump and become the type of player you know you can be. We wanted to help and we've talked to our experts and found these great tips that will help you become a better player.

DISCOVER YOUR STRENGTHS - Take the time to identify your talents, train and improve them. Being talented alone does not make you a good player.

IDENTIFY YOUR WEAKNESSES - It's important that you know exactly which parts of your game are weak so you can work on improving those areas. Post-game analysis is one of the most important tools to find the holes in your game. Once identified, you will need to setup a plan to address those issues.

TRAIN WITH DIVERSITY - Be creative during your training, explore different forms, styles and techniques. Don't be afraid to experiment with your strokes and serves. Many of today's new techniques were born from players experimenting and trying new things. For example, you may want to try surfing. The lower body, back, and stomach core muscles are what keep surfers on the board, and we all know that a strong core is the key to be a successful table tennis player. Finding the right cross training sports will have a positive impact on improving your game.

STRENGTHEN YOUR MENTAL GAME - Even if you're in great physical shape, have fantastic shots and awesome serves, you will have to stay focused and learn how to execute them under pressure. Developing a good mental game takes training. Plan each session with a goal in mind, execute and track your results.

MASTER YOUR SKILLS - Professional table tennis athletes spend a great deal of time doing the same drills over and over again and so should you. Setup a robust training schedule to include drills that match your skills, this will help develop muscle memory and movements will become second nature.

DEVELOPING A WINNING WAY OF THINKING - Developing a winning way of thinking comes from having self-confidence, good training and years of practice. Start by being positive. Make sure you go into each match with the best preparation possible, focusing only on the things you can control and focusing on each single point.

And one more tip - HAVE FUN. That's the whole purpose of playing table tennis is to have fun with your friends and family. Take the game outside and enjoy the weather while you get a little exercise, or keep fit in the winter playing in the basement or garage, but always remember to have fun. The road to being a champion is not easy, work hard, train hard and dream big.

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