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F.G.Bradley's Top Ten Gift Picks!

Each and every year f.g.bradley's makes gift giving that much easier by piecing together our annual Top 10 Gift Picks. Once again our much anticipated Top 10 Gift Picks are in. Voted on by experienced staff, we have put together a list of the hottest, most desired games and gift ideas available this Holiday Season. With our help we'll make sure you are a hero with your friends and family. These ultimate gift suggestions are sure to satisfy everyone on your shopping list.


1. Codenames Pictures


Two rival spymasters know the secret identities of 25 agents. Teams compete to see who can make contact with all of their agents first but make sure you avoid the assassin. With new Pictures version find one word that ties your team's pictures together. Can be played with or instead of the original Codenames.


2. Trivial Pursuit 2000's


Have a blast recalling fun facts from the awesome 2000s with this modern Trivial Pursuit edition. Get ready to jog your memory on everything from Y2K to Coldplay.


3. Jett Roll-Up Chess Set


Jett's Tournament Roll-Up Chess is perfect for that on-the-go chess enthusiast. The game includes a full set of black and white triple weighted chess men, a numbered/ lettered vinyl chess board and carrying case. Meets World Chess Federation's (FIDE) standards for tournament play.


4. Bean Boozled Spinner Tin


Take the dare with the giant spinner wheel. Pick the jelly bean in the colour selected and taste lookalike wild or mild flavours. Is it Pear or a Booger? Only one way to find out!


5. Ghost Hedgehog Puzzler


Move over Rubik's - there's a new puzzle in town. Ghost Hedgehog is a difficult shape-shifting puzzle that will keep you occupied for hours. Newbs, intermediate and experienced puzzlers welcome!


6. Ice Raider Rod Hockey


Face-off for some exciting hockey action with the Ice Raider Rod Hockey table from Jett Games. This solidly constructed table features carbon fibre rods, detailed 3 dimensional players, official rink markings and transparent rink walls. A great family table at an incredible price!


7. Poison VX Cues


Each VX series cue features a Poison GTX™ Grip, Uni-Loc precision joints, and high performance Venom 2 shaft technology engineered by Predator. With every angle of your game covered, the only thing left to do is find your next mark.


8. Happy Salmon Card Game


This 'FIN-tastically' unique, ultra-fast card game has players do the action on their card. The player who discards all their cards first wins the round and is sure to be out-of-breath. It's the perfect party game for any-time of year.


9. Storm Nickel Silver Darts


Take aim with these quality nickel silver darts that feature the very latest in aerodynamic design and technologically advanced materials, machined with the most sophisticated lathing machinery. A great entry-level set of darts.


10. Rum Roller Taster Glass


The Rum Roller brings three elements, zero dilution, chilling and motion, to the rum drinking experience. The Rum Roller's chilling motion will take your experience to the next level.