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Take the FUN outdoors this spring with F.G.Bradley's!



Finally, we can get outside and enjoy some nice weather! So lets fire up the BBQ, invite the family and friends over and play some great outdoor games from F.G.Bradley's. 



The outdoor game with a little volleyball!



Maybe you've seen that little black and yellow trampoline game all over but still have no clue what is going on. Here is a brief introduction the the game that everyone is playing.


Spikeball is a new sport that's sweeping the nation. It's commonly referred to as the love child between volleyball and four-square. It is played 2 vs 2, with a taut hula hoop sized Spikeball net placed between the teams. A player starts a point by serving the ball down on the net so it ricochets up at his opponents. They have up to three hits between them (just like Volleyball) to control the ball and bounce it back off the net. When they miss, you score. Did we mention that there are no boundaries? Once a point starts, players can move or hit the ball anywhere.


Click here to purchase your very own version of Spikeball! You can also check-out our newest edition of the game Spikeball Rookie.



Play golf with frisbees!








Disc golf continues to grow in popularity, but there still seems to be a large number of people who drive by golf courses and wonder what the weird looking metal baskets are for. 


Disc golf is played much like traditional golf. Instead of a ball and clubs, however, players use a flying disc or Frisbee. The sport was formalized in the 1970's and shares with "ball golf" the object of completing each hole in the fewest strokes (or, in the case of disc golf, fewest throws). A golf disc is thrown from a tee area to a target which is the "hole". The hole can be one of a number of disc golf targets; the most common is called a Pole Hole an elevated metal basket.


F.G.Bradley's continues to offer a wide range or INNOVA Disc Golf equipment and accessories for the beginner all the way up to the professional disc golfer in your family. 



Dozens of outdoor games to choose from...



F.G.Bradley's offers a wide variety of outdoor items to make any backyard a haven for fun and excitement. Drop by one of our three store locations throughout the GTA or visit us online.