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383018-1958 Plymouth Christine Car Red 25 Scale
Item No. 383018

1958 Plymouth Christine Car Red 25 Scale

CHRISTINE: Arnie Cunningham, shy teenager and complexed falls in love one day, while walking with his best friend Dennis, a 1957 Plymouth Fury red blood reduced to a wreck, called Christine. Against the advice of his friend, Arnie acquired the car and rehabilitates in a garage. Arnie begins to change personality, becoming more confident, even going so far as to invite the prettiest girl in school, Leigh, at the drive-in. But Christine, the car seems to ''react'' negatively to the presence of his girlfriend ... and react more violently to its destruction by a band of thugs, one evening, while rebuilding itself and hence to hunt them. Then one by one, it will kill them and then darken the sole rival through its route, Leigh ... ''She Was Born bad Plain and Simple.''. Scale: 1/25. Level of difficulty: 2 (age 10 and over). Requires assembly with glue and paint. Body parts in red PVC. modern realization. vinyl tires. Chassis, engine and ultra-detailed accessories. Comes with a sheet of decals. Features: Scale: 1/25 Skill Level: 2 Glue assembly, paint required Injected in red Modern tooling Vinyl tires with whitewall inserts Super-detailed chassis, motor and interior assemblies A sheet full of optional decals Assembly and painting required. Kit does not include model cement glue, paint, tools, and adult supervision where required.

Price: $39.99 CDN

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