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383148-1957 Chevy Convertible 1:25 Scale Model Kit
Item No. 383148

1957 Chevy Convertible 1:25 Scale Model Kit

1/25 1957 Chevy Bel air Convertible Plastic Model Kit. The Boys to beat Smaller, lighter, more aerodynamic, and easier to maintain than the cars of its day, the 1957 Chevy was a staple of the NASCAR circuit, club races, and the drag strip. Its overhead-valve V8 small-block engine produced 162 horsepower. When equipped with a 4-speed manual transmission, the '57 Chevy could leave the opposition in the dust. Even the convertibles, usually slower because of wind drag, were able to win all 3 stock car racing driver championships for the convertible class. Kit features convertible top and dual carbs with ''bat-wing'' air cleaner.

Price: $36.99 CDN

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